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Harnesses & Carriers
Harnesses & Carriers
Harnesses & Carriers
Item#: Harnesses-Carriers
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Product Description
Why Does My Dog Need To Walk With A Harness? Answer, Because Safety is #1. No Matter If Your Dog Is 10 Pounds Or 110 Pounds, They Will Be Safer And More Comfortable Walking With A Harness. Harnesses Allow The Pressure On The Dog's Throat and Trachea To Be Eliminated And Therefore Will Lessen Injury To The Dog When Pulling or Lunging Unexpectedly. Harnesses Also Provide More Security And Control, As The Human Has A Better Handle On The Animal And You Don't Have To Worry About Your Dog Slipping Out, Which Happens Often When Only Wearing A Collar. Collars Should be Worn Along With The Harness to Carry Their ID and Their Fashion Sense. Small Dogs Do Wonderful in the Soft Mesh Harnesses, While Medium and Larger Dogs Do Well With A No-Pull Harness. Harness Should Not Be Worn To Bed But Used When Walking or Riding Inside the Car. Small Dogs Using The Suggested Car Seat While Traveling, Can Strap-In With Their Harness Rather Then Just Their Collar- Providing The Most Security For Your Little Friend.
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